Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Friday, February 21, 2014

The Weekend has Arrived

As much as I love being in our office, I'm ready for the weekend.  We're just starting to gear up for transfers which are in 12 days.  We put in a few orders for things like planners, handbooks, Bibles, DVDs, cases of English and Spanish copies of the Book of Mormon, etc.  I also sent out a request to the zone leaders to get their zones' commissary orders in early.  We have to shop for cleaning and household supplies, and that will need to be done next week.  By the Monday before transfers we'll be in "full speed ahead" mode, getting ready for 13 incoming missionaries on Tuesday, 9 go homes on Thursday, and who knows how many will be transferred on Wednesday.  Fortunately the Olsen's don't leave till the Saturday after transfers, so they'll get us through the major bulk of the work.

Pres Wall was in the office today for a long meeting with the AP's and Senior Elders.  They're doing some re-alignment and deciding where the elders and sisters can best be used while trying to meet the requests by Stake Presidents for more missionaries in their areas.  That can't be an easy task, and Pres Wall is trying to get as much done before the new president comes on July 1.  

I'm in the process of redoing some of the files for the incoming and outgoing missionaries.  It'll be color coordinated to make it easier to see which missionaries are going out on dates other than the usual "go home" day.  Pres Wall has the option of extending or go home early up to 30 days in either direction.  We've had one extend and a few go home early since I've been here.  Usually the early go homes are for missionaries who want to start school on time.  We did have one sister whose brother was leaving on a mission.  If she went home on the scheduled date she would've missed seeing him by 2 days.  The President sent her 2 weeks early.  I love that and know she was grateful.

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