Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Service with a Smile

How fun was it to answer the doorbell this morning and see these two happy faces--Elders Watkins and Adkins.  They live in the building next to ours and had come to get the truck keys so they could scrape the windshield and warm the truck before we drove to the office! Talk about thoughtful. These are our 2 office elders and they're the best. They can do anything and everything, including making your life more comfortable. We're only about 3 blocks from the office so the truck doesn't even get warmed up before we arrive. But it was warm today! Very nice since it was 19 degrees when we left this morning.
I was actually by myself for about an hour today and managed to keep things under control without doing any damage. The 4 elders, 2 seniors and 2 young 'uns had gone to Gretna to move some elders from one apartment to another.  They're still not home and it's 7 pm. Gretna is about 1 1/2 hours away and a suburb of New Orleans, so they'll be worn out by the time they get home. Well, I'm sure the young elders will be fine, but the seniors will be ready to drop into bed.

Sister Olsen went home for lunch, so that left me in charge. :-) There was plenty to do as I was trying to get summaries for the new missionaries completed. Our next transfer is on March 5. We'll have 11 new missionaries arriving on March 4 and we make up summaries and index cards for each of them. By the time they arrive I'll feel like I already know them. I've seen their faces so many times and read a little about each of them. It's a great introduction for me. 

I also have a presentation to prepare for a training meeting the President is having for all the zone and district leaders next week.  We'll be doing a little instruction on properly filling out the form for baptism and confirmation. This is probably the most important form we have because it's what we use in the office to send to Salt Lake to be recorded on official church records. Better get it right!

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