Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Road to Louisiana Day 2

The purpose of this blog is not to be a travelogue, but when you're spending hours in a car & covering hundreds of miles a day there's a lot more going on than missionary work & spiritual experiences. So for now it's a travelogue.

First stop--New Mexico Welcome Center

The New Mexico flag--Land of Enchantment isn't on the actual flag but is the state motto. We loved learning about the flag. The yellow field & red symbol are the colors of Spain. There are 4 groups of rays with 4 rays in each group. This is an ancient sun symbol of a Native American people called Zia. The Zia believed that the giver of all good gave them gifts in groups of 4.    

4 directions--north, south, east, west                                                             4 seasons--summer, fall, winter, spring                                                      
The day--sunrise, noon, evening, night                                                        
Life itself--childhood, youth, middle years, old age.
All of these are bound by a circle of life & love without a beginning or end. 

End of today's philosophy. Marc wanted a picture with an outlaw who's story has always fascinated him--William Bonney or Wm McCarty aka Billy the Kid. It's believed that this pic of billy is the only authentic one. Billy carried this 2x3 tintype. When he died his friend took it & passed it down through his family. It was sold in 2011 for $2.3 mil--7th most expensive picture ever sold. 
Only in NM. I love it!

          We made it to Amarillo Texas!

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