Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Louisiana Baton Rouge Mission Office

Busy day today! Since we have a multi zone conference tomorrow morning we decided to pack some of our bulkier items and bring them to Baton Rouge to spend the night. We left our things in a spare bedroom of the apartment where we will

eventually be living. (In 6 weeks--after the Olsens go home) for now we'll stay in a smaller apt in the same complex. 

Elder Perkins from the Seventy will be here for our zone conference. We're not really sure what to expect but know it'll be all day. I'm sure it'll be inspiring & informative. 

For a few hours this afternoon I worked with Sister Olsen. She was doing what she calls "commissary." Prior go zone conferences or transfers the missionaries can send in requests for items they need that are stocked at the mission office. They range from copies of the Book of Mormon (in a variety if languages), Bibles, pass along cards, church DVDs, to cleaning supplies (giving the missionaries no excuses for keeping their apartments clean!)

Sister Olsen was giving me an overview of what she does, and I'm feeling slot less stressed about most of it. I do glad that we'll have the next 6 weeks to learn what we can. I'm feeling worse for Marc who will be responsible for all the mission finances. And that's just one of his jobs. We do have 2 office elders who are the nicest guys ever and bend over backwards to help. They're very knowledgeable about the office and dulling to do anything & everything. I hope they don't get transferred any time soon! 

This is very common sign between Marksville & Baton Rouge. At first I thought it was just a nice notice in case you wanted to attend church. Not so! If I'd paid attention to the shape & color I'd have known that it's a warning sign to drivers of the possibility of pedestrians and particularly children. 

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