Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Getting to know the Missionaries

So far, for me, the best part of this mission is getting to know the people. Everyone has been wonderful, welcoming and kind. But since we're in the office, we have the most interaction with the missionaries, and I love them all! They're fun to talk to and brighten every day!

Today I visited with an Elder who will be returning home in 3 weeks. He is so darned cute and pleasant, but his testimony is powerful.  He was visiting with us in the office today while his companion was having his quarterly interview with the President and shared this story about his experience in 4H. When he was in sixth grade he bought his first piglet to raise and sell.  He fed, cleaned, watered and walked Wilbur (yes, he was named for Charlotte's Web) faithfully everyday, all summer long. Then it came time to take him to the county fair. He made it to the Star class but wasn't chosen grand or reserve champion. But Elder P was very excited and so proud of his pig. Then it came time to round the piggies up and take them to the auction. Elder P said he absolutely bawled when he had to part with Wilbur. Later that fall they had the 4H barbecue and gave out the checks for the the amount they'd been sold for. Wilbur earned Elder P $883. That changed his perspective on selling pigs, and for the next few years he named his pigs names like Cash, Greenback, etc!

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