Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Friday, January 10, 2014

Meeting the Branch President

Once upon a time, about 12 years ago, a young girl with an atheist mom and catholic dad, invited the missionaries in to hear their message. Her dad kicked them out of the house, but she persisted and eventually joined the church. Later, but I'm not sure how much later, her mom was baptized. Mom is now the seminary teacher & 4 years later the young girl converted Neal, who is now the Branch President in Marksville, where we are now serving.

President Plauche & 3 of his children stopped by out apartment this afternoon. What a sweet young man, bordering on child!  I'm sure he's younger than our Bishop in Cedar who's about 41. The BP has only been a member of the church for about 8 years. 

I'm pretty sure this kind of story will be very typical of the wonderful people here in Louisiana. Pres Plauche told us a little about the branch with 20-30 average  attendance. There are approximately 130 members on the records so we'll start making some visits & see if we can locate  any of them. He also invited us to speak this Sunday and introduce ourselves. 

An interesting note about our branch--they meet for 2 hours. The first hour is Sacrament Meeting & the second hour is auxiliaries. They don't have enough people to staff auxiliaries. If they tried there'd be all teachers and no class members. 

Unfortunately I forgot about taking a picture--again!! Grrr! This blog is going to become quite boring if I don't get my photography act together. 

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