Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Letters, orders and reports

Another busy day learning how to run a mission office. Sister Olsen is extremely patient with every project that needs to be completed. I'm sure it would take her half the time to do twice as much, but she never seems to mind. Lucky me!

Our first task was to send letters to all the parents of the new trainers. Each of the new missionaries has been paired with someone who can teach and mentor them from day one. Pres Wall feels that this is an important enough assignment that the trainers' parents should be notified of the responsibilities and trust their children have been given. I know 12 letters doesn't sound like a big deal but it requires more than just cranking out letters. So much has to be checked and personalized. You have to go into the missionary's profile and know the parents' status including whether or not they're members, if they're divorced (that requires 2 letters), deceased, different surname, etc.  You also need to update the trainer's profile to indicate his/her position for this particular transfer. Enough said on that subject. 

We also did a lot of ordering of supplies from church distribution and local companies for business & office supplies which required inventorying our stock. After transfers is a good time to restock because many missionaries come into the office for books, pamphlets, pass along cards, etc. Just since last week we've been through about 14!cases of Book of Mormons--40 books per case and we've ordered 15 more cases!

I'm going to say that probably the most important thing we did today was to input the baptism and confirmation information and send it to Salt Lake for the official records of the church. You want to be sure that it's perfect, or as perfect as it can be from your side. Again, it doesn't sound like it should be too time consuming, but there are far more steps than I would've imagined. It also goes on the Stake Presidents' reports, a mission report, and about 3 other locations. 

We kept very occupied all day. My apologies to any of you that I should be texting tonight, but after going grocery shopping I'm ready to drop into bed! Maybe I'll have time tomorrow evening but it certainly won't happen during the day. Thanks for understanding.  

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