Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Monday, January 6, 2014

The Road to Louisiana Day 3

How can you not love Texas? Check out this Belgian waffle at the Residence Inn.

Very delicious with mini chocolate chips or blueberries. 
Lots of open space and forsaken little towns. We were all surprised that Texas was so cold. I'm not sure it ever went above freezing. Lots of flat, open land and other than cotton I have no clue what grows here. These bales are ready for the gin. 
Pretty funny experience in Dallas today. Tia really wanted to see the Cowboys' stadium so we pulled the directions up on 3 phones. It was about 8 miles from the hotel--plenty of time to get there, have dinner and get back for the championship football game, right? From the map this place is a very large piece of land. When we arrive it's a huge high school football stadium! 
They're very serious about their football in Texas!  Now we're a good 20 miles from the AT&T stadium. The quest is on. Eventually we found it and, much to our surprise, there's nothing on the stadium itself that even says Cowboy. 
The only thing I saw was a Tom Landry statue and stuff in the pro shop. 
I used to be a Cowboy fan, probably because Pappy was the best Cowboy fan ever, but since he passed away it's not as fun to cheer for them by myself. I'm going to change my allegiance to the New Orleans Saints! 

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