Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Meeting Pres & Sister Wall

Finally. Something at McDonald's that I like. Grits on the dollar menu!
I spent the morning cleaning & lining shelves, washing dishes and getting the rest of our things put away. 

This afternoon we went back to Baton Rouge to meet the mission president. We went first to the office and met the office elders & the Olsens (a senior couple who do the housing, secretarial, cars, etc)
Next stop--the mission home. It looks so much like cottonwood but on a much larger scale.  After a nice visit we went to dinner with the Walls & Olsens. I was completely surprised when Pres Wall pulled into Olive Garden! I was sure we'd do something southern. 

The Walls & Olsens are such good people and we had a pleasant evening visiting & getting to know them. Just a bit of info. Pres Wall was the publisher at Deseret News before retiring & coming on this mission. Their 3 years will end in June so we'll be getting a new president around July 1. Sadly we got so caught up in conversation that I forgot all about taking pictures. 

One thing Pres Wall said was to remember 2 words--rescue & hope. Rescue in heeding Pres Monson's admonition to search for those who're less active and hope for those who aren't able to come to church so we bring the message of the gospel to them. Apparently there are about 330,000 less actives in the southern states and another 150,000 who've moved or "lost" from church records. That's almost 1/2 million people! Looks like there's plenty of work to be done here. 

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