Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Friday, January 17, 2014

A Taste of LA

This is a very clean state! We haven't seen graffiti or trash anywhere. 
All the grass/weeds are trimmed including along the roadsides. We think that might be for chigger control. The roadsides are maintained by Department of Corrections "residents."
There's definitely still some segregation going on here in Marksville--especially in churches & cemeteries.   
Crawfish have a season from February through August. 
Lawyers (and churches) are plentiful! Marc says 2 lawyers can make a good living in a town that wouldn't support 1 because they make work for each other. That must the the case here. (This could be a quote from Ben Franklin)
We aren't the only ones who bless our food in public. 
It's okay to post the 10 commandments or other scriptures in public establishments. 
Natchidoches is pronounced Na-ka-tish. If you pronounced it like it looks they'll know you're a Yankee!
We haven't seen any screen doors yet. 
LA is the only state with parishes not counties. 
Something you wouldn't want to find when you want to get into your boat. These guys live in a fake swamp at the local casino. 
Spring Bayou (a slow moving river). I'll bet this place is gorgeous & profuse with color 9 months of the year. 
I still don't know north from south. We I've learned is we pass McDonalds to go to church (North) and Walmart to go to Baton Rouge (south). 

We tried a new restaurant tonight--The Red River Grill.  Delicious! It was more dining than eating out & what I was hoping to find here in the South. My newest adventure is soft shell crab. Great choice. 

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