Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Alexandria District Meeting

We were just settling in to life in Marksville and picking up elders Steele & Ware for a district meeting in Alexandria when  Marc received a call from Pres Wall.  Apparently the missionary office in Salt Lake City notified him that they wouldn't be getting a senior couple to take the Olsens place when they go home in March. We've been asked to take over the office duties and will be moving next week!  It sounds like we'll be training for about 2 months to learn the secretarial, financial, housing, transportation, & I'm not sure what else. It's a bit overwhelming to think of the responsibilities we'll have and things we'll need to learn.

Back to the district meeting. Besides Marc & me there are 4 sets of missionaries in our district--2 Spanish speaking elders, 2 sisters, our Marksville elders & 2 elders in Alexandria.

They're all focused and humble and dedicated to their work. It's wonderful to listen to them talk about their concerns & love for the people they work with. They're mature beyond their years. At least 2 of them graduated 2 weeks before they came on their missions, but they know why they're here and how to conduct meetings, how to study & apply what they've learned. 

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