Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Friday, November 7, 2014

$5 Friday!

Elder Bennett, Elder Adkins, Elder White and Elder L are pouring over the Smoothie King menu, because it's $5 Friday. Elder Morrell & Elder Mecham introduced me to these one day. They make a great breakfast/lunch.

As of Wednesday, Elder White is our new Assistant. It's amazing how these young men come and go from their Special Assignments without a hitch. They're completely qualified by the Lord for their new positions. I don't know much about Elder White yet but can tell he's a genuinely good young man. He seems very sincere and gentle and it'll be a pleasure working with him.

I'd just like to make an observation about Elder Morrell. As he closed the Transfer Meeting on Wednesday I had the distinct feeling that he had received the mantle of leadership for his new responsibilities. Being as Elder Morrell is the Senior of the 2 Assistants, in my mind that makes him the Senior Missionary in LABRM even though he's not been out the longest. It seems that this would qualify him for the words of President Monson who said: "May we ever remember that the mantle of leadership is not the cloak of comfort but rather the robe of responsibility." I know that he's up for the challenge, as Elder White will be when the time comes. We've watched Elder Morrell as he went from a Junior Companion in Plaquemine last January to a District Leader, Zone Leader and Assistant in the period of 10 months. Cream absolutely rises to the top. This would also apply to the former Assistants that we've had the opportunity to serve with: Elder Helie, Elder Asuao, Elder Griffin and Elder Mecham.

The following pictures are shots from Elder Morrell's camera that he kindly shared with me.
Displaying IMG_2366.jpg
Sister Hansen, Elder Morrell, Elder Mecham and President Hansen at the airport awaiting the arrival of our recent incoming missionaries.

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Elder Morrell, Elder Adkins, Elder Trainor and Elder Mecham on the Mission Home porch.

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No clue where this was taken. I'll have to ask Elder Morrell about this one.

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