Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Monday, November 10, 2014

Busy but not Overwhelmed

Nothing too earthshaking in the office today. The post-transfer busyness died down quickly. With only 10 incoming and 8 go-homes it was a piece of cake. There were only 10 emails and 20 letters to send as compared to the October transfer with 22 emails and 44 letters. Piece of cake! I even had the roster finished on Thursday.

So today was an organizing and planning day. It's time to get the 2015 calendar carved in stone, but that's not something I can do with happy elders like these coming and going from the office. Elder Joubert, left, is our newest BR Spanish east elder. I haven't had much time to get to know him yet, but know he's from El Cajon CA and is certainly a personable young man. He's been in the mission since just 3 month and in Baton Rouge for less than a week, but I think he already feels at home. The other 3 are familiar faces--Elder Jensen, Elder Crook and Elder Jones who'll be released next month:(

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