Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Yesterday's Leftovers

Leftovers refers to notes that I have leftover from yesterday's transfer meeting. The advice from our go-homes is yet to be posted. But first are a few notes from Sister Hansen.

Sister Hansen was born in Texas. Her mom was from a coastal area in Texas where they get some pretty fierce hurricanes. When they came it was necessary to board up all the windows. But if a really huge storm was expected they completely opened all the windows. By doing this and allowing the wind are rain to rage through the structure the house had a better chance to survive the tempest.

Sometimes we want to insulate ourselves from the storms of life and try to board ourselves up, and specifically the challenges we face as missionaries. The better thing to do is to open up and allow the mission to run through you and become your life.

Thoughts from our released missionaries
Elder Hepworth ~ I have learned the President Hansen is inspired when making area changes, because I have learned something new in each location. The only acceptance that matters is that God accepts you. Work hard and don't waste time.
Elder Hacking ~ Be yourself. Trying to be someone you're not won't work. People will appreciate and trust you more if you be yourself. Putting on an act is exhausting. Once you start being yourself your mission will be easier.
Elder Scholes ~ Serving a mission is like being hit by a train. It's going to change you one way or another. This has truly been my best 2 years. I've loved being a missionary. I won't continue to wear my name tag but I'll never stop being a missionary. You know you're successful if you can feel the Spirit. Being obedient invites the Spirit.
Elder Stratford ~ 3 bits of advice: 1) Keep the fan on after a shower. 2) If Sister McIlwain (the mission nurse) tells you to do something, DO IT! 3) Love everyone. The world is cold enough. We don't need to add to it.
Elder Yardley ~ Trunkiness never was happiness. You can control the person you become when you learn to love. Serve the Lord with all your heart. If you fall short take advantage of the Atonement. The Savior is there for us.
Elder Deaver (leaving before next transfer) ~ Going home from a mission is like the train being thrown in reverse, then it hits you again. I gained a testimony of obedience. The white handbook isn't just guidelines. Living by it will make you happier. Keep moving forward. As long as you're moving forward the speed doesn't matter.
Elder Herbert  (born in Mexico, but now lives in Texas) ~ This has been the best 23 months of my life. In the beginning it was very hard. English was difficult. Another missionary told me if I read the Book of Mormon in English I will learn the language, and I did. I was a different person 4 years ago but God was merciful and gave me the opportunity to know a better way. Now I know Jesus Christ is my Savior.
Sister Lyons ~ I was a very temporal person before my mission. Now I have an eternal perspective in all aspects of my life. I'm grateful for friendships gained here. If we allow our hears to be broken the Lord will put them back together better, bigger and stronger.
Sister Hild ~ This is a story of a Bishop who sent 2 elders to the home of an inactive young woman. She had 5 male roommates and wanted nothing to do with the missionaries, so she told her roommates to "give them everything they had." They threw water balloons and who knows what else. So the elders sent 2 sisters. The roommates had too much respect for the sisters so they left them alone. The sisters invited the young woman to attend church, and she came. That was me. No matter what you do you'll have an affect on people, even if you don't see it. Don't give up. You don't know who's life you'll touch. Open your hearts to people here and love them, serve, teach and let them know you care.
Elder Watkins (leaving before next transfer) ~ You agreed to be here and make that sacrifice. So it doesn't matter what movies or music or you tube videos come out. Don't go back on your commitment.
Sister Keller ~ Every one of us was brought into the Church somewhere by missionaries. If you're diligent there'll be families who join the Church because of you.
Elder Keller ~ My parents and children have served missions and missionaries lived with us for 2 years before we came on this mission, but coming here has give me the greatest appreciation of missionary work. You can either hasten the work or watch it go by. You could be here when the Savior comes again. I have received a special withness the President and Sister Hansen were chosen by the Lord to lead this mission at this time.
Elder Hacking's family came from Utah in their motor home to pick him up.
Sister King and Sister Amar
Sister Amar, from the Philippines, is one of our new Temple Square sisters. I'm looking forward to getting to know her. 

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