Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Elder Casillas and Elder Jean Louis

The 4 Spanish elders in our area came in again today. They just love to come and get their mail. Elder Casillas is on exchanges with Elder Jones, so Elder J is elsewhere and Elder Casillas is with Elder Crook.

Elder Casillas is the missionary who managed to keep everything under control in the Dallas airport back in March when the Baton Rouge airport was closed because of the weather. He and 2 other elders had just arrived from the Mexico City MTC and were waiting for the 7 arrivals from SLC when he found out that their flight had been cancelled. They were going to be rerouted to New Orleans, but then BTR reopened and they took a later flight. Well, all the missionaries did but their luggage didn't. Anyway, Elder C was talking to our Salt Lake travel office, the gate agent and the missionaries and taking everything in stride. More of this story was posted on March 4.

Elder Casillas was actually the only one who had mail today, and it was a very special letter from someone he doesn't even know. It was a very tender story, but I think I'll ask Elder C if I can share it before putting it in print.

At our last transfer, Elder Navitikula was transferred to the New Orleans Zone:(, but Elder JL took his place:) Elder JL was born in Haiti. His family moved from his birthplace to Port-au-Prince, the capitol, when he was 8. When he was a Junior in high school he had an important test to take that he needed to pass, so he prayed and told the Lord that if He would help him pass, he would find a church and attend. He passed the test and kept his promise. Elder JL's older brother was church-hopping and that's how Elder JL first attended the LDS Church. A sister took him under her wing, and he readily accepted the truth. He moved from Haiti to the United Stated in 2011 and only learned English after arriving in the states, and his English is excellent. He's been out just over a year and plans on enlisting in the Navy when he goes home to Florida next October. His hope is to make the Navy his career and go to diplomat school.

One of these days I need to have a visit with Elder Abbott so I can share with everyone how great he is!

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