Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Making a Sad Day a Glad Day

The best way to get over a heavy heart (because Kimberlee went home today) is to have lunch with a house full of stellar mission leadership. Sister Hansen had invited us to come for lunch at MLC, because she said they wanted to celebrate Elder Lauper's birthday, which is Sunday. She didn't mention that her birthday was today!

Sister Dunn, Sister Hansen's new assistant, prepared a delicious Thanksgiving Feast for the 24 Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders. And what a meal it was!

Sister Betts, Sister Baird and Sister Worthington (L to R)

Sister Hoskins, Sister Wily and Sister Encizo

Sister Steele and Sister Monk

Sister Jewett, Sister Black and Sister Miskho

Sister Astle and Sister Jewett

Elder Drollinger, Elder Benson and Elder Mellor
Elder Andrews and Elder Morrell

Sister Dunn and the scrumptious feast

Selfie of Sister Baird and Sister Betts

Me and Sister Baird--I can't wait for this girl to get back to SUU next fall!

Elder Watkins, Elder Myers, Elder Ruesch, Elder King and Elder Gosch

Birthday Girl--Sister Hansen and Sister Jewett

As always, Elder Lauper is thoughtfully taking it all in. He prefers crowds of 4 or less:)

The Birthday Cake

Back at the office--The Spanish STL's are photo bombed by Elder Bennett

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