Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sister Amar

This is just a quick follow up from last Thursday and Sister Amar, our Temple Square Sister from Bacolod in the Philippines. She's a fairly recent convert, joining the church when she was 16. Her parents and some cousins also joined at the same time. And she has and older and younger brother who were baptized a bit later.

When she was 18, Sister Amar went to the Manila Philippines Temple to do baptisms for the dead. By plane, Manila is about an hour away, but that wasn't in the budget for the Young Men and Young Women. They packed their food then drove, took a ferry, drove and took a ferry, which took about 24 hours each way. But the youth loved every minute and had a great experience. Now there's a temple in Cebu, which is only a 12 hour drive! By plane it's 15-20 minutes. I'm thinking that the roads are less than great and rather curvy. Her family made that drive when they were sealed. I'm so spoiled!

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