Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Elder Abbott's Chiropractor

Elder Abbott and Elder Jean Louis dropped by the office today while in between Elder A's chiropractor appointments. Here's the story. He called the chiropractor's office this morning to see if he could make an appointment. They weren't too busy so told him to come in at 11 am. When they arrived there wasn't a receptionist at the window, so they were waiting for someone to notice that they were there. A few minutes later the doctor came out, took one look at them, and told them he was busy and to leave. Elder A asked when he could come back, and the doctor told him, "Never!"

Then, a bit later, the receptionist called Elder A and asked why he hadn't come to his appointment. Apparently there are 2 offices and she was in the other one. So Elder A told her what had happened. Then she rescheduled him for this afternoon.

That's when they came into the mission office and told me the tale. Elder A was pretty miffed and shared his experience. I asked him why he was returning. I certainly wouldn't have. He said he was taking the higher ground. Oh great! Another teaching moment on tolerance for Sister Lauper. I told Elder A I wanted to know "the rest of the story," so he texted me later this afternoon. These are his words: "So the story ended well! We went there and he apologized for getting rid of us, because earlier that week some JW's had come. Anyway, he ended up being a really nice guy and probably one of the coolest doctors I've ever had. He said he also knew the old mission president from the 80's and asked if the mission home was still on Tiger Bend. So it worked out well:)"

I did ask if the visit was worth it and Elder A thinks he's a better chiropractor than the one he had at home and is feeling really good right now. Happy day!

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