Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Friday, November 14, 2014

A Little More Natchez

Since I've already posted the Natchez Cemetary, these will just be repeats
Another look at the unique ironwork

This one kind of reminded us of an old jail

Always intriqued by the huge oaks with spanish moss

A lonely little grave--seemed like something was missing!

This is across the road at the National Cemetary

Not exactly Arlington, but still an emotional place to be

Her father's daughter--the tourguide

Southern fried chicken, purple hulled beans and real mashed potatoes at the carriage house restaurant at Stanton Hall

Marc and Tia in the backyard of Stanton Hall
This is just one of many of the antebellum homes in Natchez. The front of the home is on September 7 post. We still havent gone inside, but apparently no expense was spared. It has immense Corinthian columns, silver door knobs and hinges, Italian marble mantels, gold-leaf mirrors and grand chandeliers. The five levels of the house include a 17' tall first florr hallway, 3 parlors and 6 bedrooms. Many of the furnishings are original pieces donated by descendants of the Stanton family.

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