Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Mini-Reunion

I Love the South! Where else would you hear someone pray for President Munson and aks that he be blessed?

Just before Relief Society I received a text from Caden Steele. I know Elder Mecham was giving his homecoming talk today so there were several LABRM missionary alumni who were in Idaho. It looks like 4 of them came in from Provo. This group spent the night at the Steele's. They all look great--and happy! Thanks for the pic, Caden!
Katherine Stennett, Kiersten Lindstrom, Chandler Adkins, Caden Steele, Jenna Schmutz and  Billy, Bill, William (or whatever he calls himself) Watkins. I did mention, when Jenna was back in town, that she was dating someone special. Now you know who, and I couldn't be happier!

Finally! A face to go with a name and voice. Meet Grandpa Smith, Elder Holden Smith's gpa. And  that could be Grandma Smith with him, but I'm not saying definitely. Gpa Smith and I have become great phone friends. He told me that they were going to attend Elder Mecham's homecoming, so that's where this pic is taken--Sugar City, Idaho. Before Elder Smith returned to Baton Rouge, Gpa told me that he was praying so hard for Elder Smith to have a good companion. After Elder Smith returned to the mission for the Nov. 5 Transfer and Elder M became his new companion and trainer. Grandpa had his prayers answered in the best way possible, and now Elder Smith is the District Leader and training a brand new missionary. 

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