Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Saturday, February 21, 2015

On His Way to the Temple

Today was one of those monumental days in the life of a young man and his family as Marc went through the Redlands CA Temple to receive his Endowments. What a blessing it's been to have watched him grow and learn and progress from an infant to who he's become today. We love him so much, are very proud of him, and are grateful that he is worthy to attend the Temple and serve the Lord and the people in Italy for 2 years. We'll miss him terribly, but there's no place we'd rather have him be right now.

I've noticed that some of the pictures for Saturday and Sunday are completely switched around, but it's going to have to stay that way.
Tanner, Ethan and Marc
Tanner, Gavin, Bronson and Marc
Ethan and his Uncle Ryan
The Redlands CA Temple
Marc and his mom, Danielle. She's our eldest child and was named for Marc's, (her dad's) first baptism, many years ago, in France.
Marc with Suzette Swallow, the Blocker's "adopted daughter"
While we were in the temple I passed one of the temple workers and saw that his name tag said "Brother Glauser," and I knew exactly who he was. His son is serving in our mission, so I just said quickly to him that we're serving with Elder Glauser, and we love him. Brother Glauser then waited until we were leaving and came up to introduce himself. I already knew that his wife passed away when Elder G was about 9 or 10, and he's a former Stake President. We had a very nice, but short, visit. He did say that his oldest son and family live in Covington which is in the New Orleans North Zone. He'd been with them at Thanksgiving but never even asked if he could see his son. I'm pretty sure he understands missionaries and his son and knows that those kinds of visits can be quite disruptive.

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