Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Friends & Family

After church today we came back to the Blocker's to serve lunch to family and some close friends before many of them left to travel back to mainly Utah and Arizona. Danielle had everything so well organized, so it didn't take much to pull it out of the fridge and set it on the table.
Karina, middle, and 2 of her besties
Karina with her friends and 2 Blocker cousins
A yummy lunch buffet
Karina's cute friend made these Italian flag sugar cookies for the luncheon
Mike, Suzette & Danielle
Here's a quick story about Suzette. Just before lunch began I went into the computer to check in for my Monday flight and discovered that it had been cancelled. According to one of my sons, I had a total breakdown. Personally, I don't think it was quite that dramatic, but when Suzette heard about my plight she came into the office and literally took charge. Her words were something like: "I'm taking over. This is what I do all the time at work." She truly saved me from making a fool of myself on the phone to some total stranger airline agent. Thanks, Suzette! Unfortunately, and no fault of Suzette's, all the flights from Ontario into Dallas had been cancelled because of the weather. There were, however, flights going out of LAX to Dallas, which I had to do. With any luck I'd get into Dallas in time to catch the flight from there to Baton Rouge. Luck was not with me because of more flight delays, and Marc had to come to New Orleans to pick me up at 11:30 pm! So much for planning ahead. I will say this. It was worth every delay and flight change to have a little more time with Marc before he leaves.
Kennedi & Calli
Tanner, the next missionary, and Ethan
Kimberlee's hubby, Jaie
Bronson, Ara and Rosa
Danielle and Nathan--proud parents of the missionary
I'm going to insert a story in here about Nathan, because we're so grateful that he's actually with us for this very special occasion. About 2 weeks ago Nathan, Marc, Tanner and a friend were at their property in the Apple Valley area. Nathan had just finished giving his usual lecture to the friend about never getting in front of the gradall forklift. If an accident were to occur, it would be the fault of the pedestrian, not the driver, because the driver can't see everything in his way. Marc was driving the forklift down a hill, and this is where things get a bit hazy for everyone, including Nathan. For some reason Nathan stepped in front when one of the arms, which don't lock, dropped down directly on his head. It made a gash from front to back and knocked him unconscious. Marc wasn't even sure he was still alive. He did revive, they put him in the car, and Marc drove him to the hospital while Tanner and friend remained at the cabin. (I should probably say that the property is several miles off the paved highway on a dirt road. Chances are very slim that an ambulance would ever find this place.)

Marc pulled into the hospital emergency room parking and ran to get a wheelchair. He told the lady in admitting that he was bringing in a 47 year old man with a serious head injury and a brief explanation to let her know that this really was an emergency, and she asked him to fill out the admitting forms! Really? He took the forms and a wheelchair, went out to the truck, got Nathan into the wheelchair and rolled him in. He asked the security guard to please watch him, because he'd left the papers in the truck and people were honking for him to move it. By the time Marc returned there were 4 doctors gathered around Nathan, and the admitting lady said she'd take care of the papers. Good idea!

Marc stayed with his dad the whole time while the doctor put many staples in his head. Seems like there were about 10. They did x-rays and an MRI but found absolutely no damage or other injuries. He's been in a lot of pain since then but said it was never his head that hurt--just the rest of him. That's the condensed version of a profound miracle.
Anziano Blocker will be set apart on Sunday, March 1 and  march forth into the MTC on March 4th!
This one just makes us smile continually!
Almost the whole family! There's a cute little extra up top, I'm not sure what happened to Ethan, and Marc is, of course, in Louisiana
Surrounded by 3 beautiful daughters--Danielle, Kimberlee & Heidi, and the eldest grandchild

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