Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Friday, February 20, 2015

More Family, More Fun

After a day of shopping, planning, organizing and more shopping (for groceries), Danielle made a tasty dinner, and then we were off to the Fontana Aquatic Center to watch Paige, her youngest and the youngest on the water polo team, play in a scrimmage. Ryan's family had arrived earlier, so the party continued to grow.
Danielle and her boys
Tanner, Marc, Danielle and Karina

Water Polo Paige
Cousins--Marc and Calli (Jordan)
Accompanied by Jaie
With Calli and Ryan watching intently from the back
After the water polo scrimmage, we piled into 2 cars for a drive to Glendora for donuts at "The Donut Man," a rather outstanding donut shop that's open 24-7. Marc worked in Glendora for 7 years and none of us remember him introducing us to these delicacies. One of them is a donut stuffed with fresh strawberries. Oh my yumminess!

Gavin, Calli, Bronson, Karina, Paige, Tanner & Marc

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