Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

February 2015 Transfer

It was another typically busy transfer day, beginning with orientation at the mission home at 8 am and wrapping it up after 10 pm with the 4 senior couples finishing dinner at Copeland's.

This was an especially difficult transfer, because so many of the missionaries that we've spent a lot of time with and have grown to love either went home or were transferred out of the office and even the Baton Rouge area.

It seems like there's never enough time to get all the pictures I want in between setting up, serving and cleaning, but here's what I managed.
Elder Hale, Elder Puefua and Elder Jones
Elder Dye, Elder Sabey, Elder Netzley, Elder Barney and Elder Smith

Elder Jean Louis, leaving Baton Rouge and going to New Orleans South to be a Zone Leader, and Elder Murhula, the new Assistant taking Elder Morrell's place

One of our newest, Sister Jenkins, with her trainer and companion, Sister Hafford

Elder Brimhall is leaving Plaquemine and going to our old apartment in Marksville with Elder Garceau (standing)
Elder Wittig and Elder Lehr, Baton Rouge Zone Leaders

Sister Call and Sister Merrill, going to Many, and Sister Betts, an Alexandria STL

Wonderful Elder Navitikula is on his way home to Fiji tomorrow

Elder Quist, Elder Sabey, Elder Casillas-our new office elder--and Elder Netzley

Sister Black, Sister Paige, Sister Barclay and Sister Widdison

Sister Dixon and Sister Masteller

Elder Morrell was just transferred to Luling. I'm so NOT happy about this:(
Notes from the Transfer Meeting

Sister Hansen ~ "How we disagree is the true test of how we follow the Savior. It's okay to disagree but not be disagreeable." That was a quote from and old talk by Elder Cook.
Sister Steele ~ "Home is where your heart is." I'm leaving my heart in LA. Never miss an opportunity to make a memory. Sometimes people you don't like at first turn out to be your best friends. If you want to get something from this work, then you have to give something.
Sister Lindstrom ~ The opportunity to serve the Lord full time is incredible. Don't waste a minute! Compared the story of The Little Red Hen with missionary work. You have to do everything yourself and there are no shortcuts--planting, tending, harvesting, etc. But we also get the rewards. You're here and have 2 options--to quit or not quit. Since you're out here, give it all you have. I am trengthened by Paul in Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." Because of the Atonement I can do all things.
Elder Hansen ~ The Atonement has changed me on my mission. The Savior strengthens me. Make this YOUR mission.
Sister Brady ~ I've learned to "let it go" and "just keep swimming." You become like a family because of the bond we share. "If it's not hard, it's not worth it."
Elder Larkin ~ I can go home saying, "I did it!" I did everything. I'm going home with no regrets. Keep going in hard times. That's when the miracles come.
Elder Mecham ~ The white handbook tells you how to get blessings from the Lord. I studied it hard in the beginning to try to find loopholes. I studied hard at the end to get blessings. If you think you should ask permission to do something, you probably shouldn't do it. I loved my mission, because I allowed myself to. Open your heart to your companions and to the people. President and Sister Hansen are supposed to be here. They've been given the keys to lead this mission. No one else in the world can lead the LABR Mission. Your love, support and friendship pushed me to the end. 
Elder Porter ~ Make the most of your mission. Be obedient and have fun. Enjoy your mission. You want to look back and say it was the best experience of my life. I used to wake up in the morning pursuing the worng things. Now I pursue the Lord's things.
Elder Navitikula ~ I received my mission call and a call to play professional rugby (with the New Zealand All Black Rugby team) on the same day. I chose a mission, and it has changed my life. I received advice from my grandpa before I came: 1) Remember who you are. 2) Do your best. 3) Love and care for the people you serve and Heavenly Father. I missed my best friends in Fiji. Now you are my best friends. My door is always open if you come to Fiji.

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