Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Elder Cook--Day 2!

Today was the special conference which gave the Baton Rouge Stake the opportunity to hear Elder Cook, from the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, speak. After he spoke to the Mission yesterday he held a 4 hour Priesthood Leadership Training for the leadership from 9 stakes. He was able to choose one stake to attend this morning, so lucky us!

To open the meeting, President Riggs talked about "Lehi's Dream and You," an article by President Boyd K. Packer in the January New Era, that he challenged us to read last week in Stake Conference. He pointed out many comparisons to the symbols in the dream--living in a world that mocks morality, being coarse and not refined, mists of darkness, people who hang on to the iron rod but eventually--some sooner and some later, fall away. He gave a personal example of driving home late one night when he was in high school. The fog was terrible and getting worse. Because of almost zero visibility, he eventually had to open the door so he could see the white line to follow, which directed him safely home--much like the iron rod, or the word of God--which will lead us safely back to our Heavenly home.

Sister Peggy Mann, the new Stake RS President, used President Monson's talk from the April 2014 General Conference--Love-The Essence of the Gospel. The gist of it was the "we cannot truly love God if we do not love our fellow travelers on this mortal journey."

Elder Bluth added to what Pres. Riggs began from Lehi's dream. The fruit on the tree in his dream was desirable and made his family happy when they partook of the fruit. It filled their souls with joy. We need to be aware that Satan will disguise things to look good and convince us to let go of the rod. What a sincere and gentle man Elder Bluth seems to be, and he bears a powerful testimony.

After sharing some of his personal background, Elder Cook gave 3 things we should do, no matter where we live.

1 - Build Zion in your hearts and homes. Have family religious observance in your home. (Family Home Evening) In the home, be careful not to be too critical of children but teach them how to correct mistakes. They need to learn. There should be kindness between husbands and wives. They need to be united, and make decisions together. They're equal partners but have different roles.

2 - Be an example in the community. Let people know what you believe without being preachy!

3 - Focus your vision on the temple and temple goals. Do family history together as a family. Do temple baptisms as a family. Youth can have limited use recommends or 12 month recommends. Family history is essential to save ourselves.

Elder Cook has an unwavering testimony of the Savior. He knows His voice and He directs this Church today.

After being well fed spiritually, we had 6 of our sisters over for lunch before they headed home after conference. We don't usually get to invite the missionaries who live outside Baton Rouge, but since they were here for the conference, it was a good opportunity.
Sister Butterfield, Sister Ririe, Sister Lindstrom, Sister Morris and Sister Biver

Sister Lindstrom, Sister Ririe, Sister Hoskins, Sister Butterfield, Sister Morris, Sister Biver

The entertainment committee! Beautiful voices singing "Beautiful Savior." What a treat!

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