Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Farewell to Elder Watkins

Bright and early tomorrow morning Elder Watkins, right, will fly home to New Jersey as an honorably released missionary. Since he's leaving 2 weeks before transfers he won't have the opportunity to have his last missionary dinner with the others who are being released, so Sister Hansen picked up pizzas, Elder W's favorite meal, and invited some of us to enjoy the evening with them.

Elder Bennett, Elder White and Elder Watkins
We were so fortunate to work closely with Elder W for about 6 months while he served as an office elder. What an excellent person and missionary he has been. He's a bit older than most of the missionaries here--maybe the second oldest in the mission, but I'm not sure who's older. With a few years of age comes a lot of maturity and many outstanding attributes, but I suspect that many of his fine qualities came with him into the mission, and he had the opportunity to refine them here. I don't think we ever heard him say anything negative about anyone, and if someone else did, Elder W would say something positive about that person. He's also an extremely hard worker and doesn't complain. After he left the office he went to a bike area. The weather was still very "summery," ie, hot and humid, but he and his companion just went out and did what missionaries are supposed to do. Then he became a Zone Leader and served with Elder Myers in the Denham Springs Zone. Elder Watkins has worked hard and will be missed terribly. Everyone loves him! But he'll be a lifelong missionary and leader.

Elder Watkins, Elder Myers (leaving in 2 weeks), and the other Elder White who replaced Elder W as a Zone Leader

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