Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

District Meeting Day

My day is always complete when there's a little time to visit with some of the missionaries. Tuesday is usually District Meeting Day, unless it's Transfer Week. If we're lucky, some of the BR Zone will stop by for a few minutes to say hello, pick up mail, get some commissary and raid the candy jar.
Today's visitors were Elder Joubert, Elder Hansen (who's suffering from poison ivy that he contracted at a service project last Saturday), Elder Crook, Elder Quist, Elder Jensen and Elder Brimhall.
We were also lucky enough to see the Plaquettes--Sister Lindstrom and Sister Morris. I wish I could convey the pleasure it brings to just sit and visit and listen to the stories. Today Sister Lindstrom shared one about 2 of our elders. Several weeks ago they were invited to go to a Brazilian churrascaria. If you've every been to Rodizio's or Fogo de Chao or something similar you'll understand this scenario. After the meal the Elders were driving home, and Elder 1 told his companion that he'd eaten too much and wasn't feeling too great. Elder 2, who was driving, asked Elder 1 if he wanted to stop, but Elder 1 said he'd just open the window if he needed to vomit. That time came, but Elder 1 couldn't get the window opened quickly and proceeded to hurl all over the front of the car, the dashboard, window, seat and anything else that was is the line of fire. When they arrived home, Elder 1 put his clothes into the washer and headed to the shower. And Elder 2 kindly went to the car to clean up "the remains of the day!" Now that's what I call loving your companion! I used to have a hard time not contributing to the problem when our children had those sick days. Way to go, Elder 2. You'll make a wonderful day one of these days!

We ended our evening having dinner at Cracker Barrel with some of the BR I Ward "empty-nesters."
Jenny & I-Hsin Chou, Iris & Roy Maughan, Bob something, Edith & Darrel Mills, and Elder L

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