Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Monday, December 1, 2014

Nate and the Pink Tie!

I love our Assistants! They're the best. This morning I happened to compliment Elder White on his pink tie. It's very Christmasy because it kind of looks like a candy cane. He said he really likes this tie then mentioned, "Funny thing about this tie," and told me this story. He was wearing it a few weeks ago when they went to Dairy Queen (I think) for lunch. A young man who works there, Nate, came us to him and complimented his tie. That brief comment led to about a 1/2 hour discussion about the Church. Several days later they were back at DQ and Nate asked him where the pink tie was. He'd remembered Elders W & M. Looks like the beginning of a nice friendship.

I'm not too sure about Elder Morrell's expression. He was probably just being his usual fun, funny self. I wonder if he needs to adopted. How can there possibly be so many great missionaries in one mission? Lucky us!

So this is what Office Elders do on Preparation Day--Prepare for Christmas!  Thanks, Elders! It's looking great.
Elder Adkins adding lights to the garland. 

Sister Astle and Sister Jewett needed to come to BR today to pick up some meds. But they had to wait a few hours before they'd be ready. Well, darn! Maybe you'd better wait at our place since it was already 5 pm. They picked up Subway, came over, watched last year's Christmas with the Tabernacle Choir and had a fun visit. We are so blessed to have such wonderful missionaries here. 

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