Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Friday, December 19, 2014

The Breakfast Feast!

Last Monday I received a call from Elder Bennett's mom who was trying to talk without her son knowing she was on the phone. Since he was standing directly in front of me that didn't go real well. She wanted to know what day it would be convenient to send breakfast or lunch for those in the office. We decided on this morning. 

But here's the pre-story. Sister Lund, his mom, lives in Utah but works for a company whose headquarters are in Baton Rouge. So she travels down here regularly! I think her office is only a few miles away. Imagine being so close & yet so far. But she & Elder B never break the rules. Here's Elder B, Elder Hansen, our new office elder, and Elder L preparing to dig in. I may have to order from this place again. Today's offering were 3 varieties of wraps, pastries & bagels, fresh fruit & oj. Thanks, Sister Lund. That was a wonderful & delicious gesture!
Elder Morrell is having surgery on his pinkie finger today, and thus the P-Day clothes on a Friday.  Last week he had an unfortunate basketball accident which resulted in a broken finger:( I'll be posting the before & after X-rays one of these days. Before with the break & after with pins. 
And now another coincidence. Danielle, our eldest who has the son preparing to leave on his mission, was introduced to a Facebook page for missionary moms. Today there was a post from a mom whose daughter just returned from the LABRM yesterday. It was Sister Wily's mom! And Danielle has also had an exchange with Sister Steele's mom & someone who knows Sister King. I may have to break down a get on Facebook again. 

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