Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Sister Thornley's Surprise

I don't know if the moon is full right now or not, but there's a lot of crazy stuff going on right now. The calls and emails are really weird!

Tuesday we received 2 "interesting" pieces of mail. There was a letter for "Elder T-ravy" with no return address or even a postmark, and the stamp looked Japanese. Then there was the box from Walmart for Elder A. Let's see. We have 5 elders with last name beginning with A and 4 with first names. Well, that really narrows it down. We decided that the Assistants would take them to transfers and ask if anyone could legitimately claim them. Surprisingly, they did. Elder T-ravy said he'd ask his friends to use his name in the future. Then, this morning, there's an email from the mom of one of our new elders. She wanted to know if her son received his razor. "Walmart sent it to Elder A." Her son's initials are TR. Elder Bennett and I laughed so hard over this one. I'm still completely baffled.

Dad left a message wanting son's new address, because he was being transferred. I called him after transfers yesterday and gave Dad son's new address. Dad left another message 2 hours later. We'd already left for the temple session with the go-homes. He wanted to know if the address I'd given him was correct.

Email from mom whose daughter was just transferred. (President Hansen had given missionaries permission to email parents after they were transferred so parents could mail Christmas packages to their abodes, thus avoiding having to field calls from every parent as to where their child was now living or having to figure out how to deliver everything that comes to the office.) Mom says, "My daughter says she's now living in a trailer. I think she probably means a mobile home. I'm wondering if it's safe." Yes, it's quite safe. Our sisters love it there. They had the opportunity to move but were very happy there. And, no, it isn't a mobile home. She really does live in a trailer, behind the car wash. I passed that one off to Elder Fontenot as soon as he walked in the door. He can calm anyone's fears and concerns about Louisiana!

Now for a fun story. Sister Thornley has been keeping a secret from her family about her actual release date. Originally it was after Christmas, so when it changed, the 2 Sisters Thornley made a plan to surprise the rest of the family. That meant keeping the Bishop & Stake Pres in the loop so they wouldn't spill the beans, using a plain envelope & my Cedar City return address & sending some of the correspondence to a friend's house for 4 months so no one would find out at home. (I had so many notes on the go home sheet to keep myself from blowing it.)

Everything went perfectly, then mom T let dad T in on the plan this morning so he could go to the airport & surprise Sister T, the younger. It must have been a very tearful, joyous reunion. 

So here's Sister Wily & Sister Thornley and Sister T with her parents.

Sister Wily and Sister Thornley

Sister Thornley, Abby, with her parents

And one more pic of some of our favorite elders--Elder Benson, a Baton Rouge ZL, Elder Crook with his new companion, Elder Drollinger& Elder Wittig, the other ZL. 

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