Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Friday, December 26, 2014

Houmas House

This is the sky that greeted us as we headed for the office for a few hours before our excusion to Houmas House. Pretty amazing!

Houmas House, or "The Sugar Palace," may quite possibly be my favorite plantation yet. The gardens were beautiful as winter begins. I can only imagine how profuse the vegitation will be in the spring.In it's early beginnings this plantation sat on 300,000 acres traded from the Houmas Indian Tribe for the equivalent of $150. "Houmas House" tells the story of wealthy sugar barons who built the plantation and developed 30,000 acres to become the largest sugar producing business in the United States at that time.Houmas House is considered the "Crown Jewel of Louisiana's River Road."
Part of the 38 acres of tropical plants, ponds and fountains

Houmas House--a 16 room estate which has been completely restored and contains collections of antiques, artwork, china and artifacts.

Lots of beautiful portraits throughout the mansion

Our guide in the original kitchen. She was the best

Another photo shot of the beautiful grounds

There have been several movies filmed here and even a segment of Top Chef. But my favorite would have to be "Fletch Live." I think I'm going to need to rent that somewhere, because not one bit of what we saw looks familiar.

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