Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Friday, December 12, 2014

Pics from Sister Bible

Sister Bible, serving with her husband in Leesville, sent these pictures to me last night. They're great!

Three Santa triplets--Elder Ryan, Sister Richardson and Sister Thornley.
Leesville and DeRidder Sisters with Sister Pontiff from Rosepine Ward
Sister Neeley, Sister Pontiff, Sister Abercrombie, Sister Thornley and Sister Richardson

Elder Barker and Elder Rush in their (or someone's) ugly sweaters
Sister Richardson, Sister Thornley, Sister Abercrombie and Sister Neeley in their not as ugly as the elders' sweaters sweater

Thanksgiving Day 2014 Turkey Bowl
The Blue Team ~ Elder Sargent, Elder Gillen, Sister Neeley, Sister Abercrombie and Elder Rush
The Gray Team ~ Elder Barker, Sister Thornley, Sister Richardson, Elder Smith and Elder Ryan

The Winners! The mostly Leesville district. Who knows where they found the bed pan turned trophy

Not exactly sure if this elder is coming or going. Sister Bible caught him getting into the suitcase at Zone Conference.

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