Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Saturday, December 20, 2014

NOLA with the RML's

What do you do when your family arrives at midnight in New Orleans, and by the time you exit the airport, it's 12:45 am? Get to the hotel and go to bed? Absolutely not! You head to the French Quarter for a driving tour and Cafe du Monde for beignets! It's a good thing that we did because there were so few people  in the cafe that beings served was the fastest we've had. By morning the lines were all the way down the street, and it would've taken forever. Also, the streets were as quiet as they get in the French Quarter, so driving was also a breeze.
Our cute grandson, Bronson, and his beautiful mom and our daughter-in-law, Arlene
Arlene took this picturesque shot just after the rain had stopped.

We now have pictures of  6 of 10 grandchildren with Tom Blakey, the WWII vet with the 82nd Airborne who parachuted into a cemetary on D-Day. He told the boys the story of the "crickets" and how our soldiers learned to distinguish between German and American soldiers at night time.

Bronson and Gavin posing with a group of young men at the museum for a reenactment

Bronson taking cover.
We checked off Sucre, a New Orleans pastry shop on Arlene's bucket list. They saw it on "Unique Sweets."
A few delicious offerings

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