Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Monday, April 14, 2014

"Because of Him"

Don't miss "Because of Him" on It's 2:44 minutes that you won't forget. The Church purchased a banner for Easter. But you don't have to wait to see it.  Just don't miss it!

Today was such a great day but extremely busy. I ran in and out of our office meeting 5 times to answer the phone and am so glad I did, but I think I'll be changing my usual seat to make it easier to get to the phone. Remember Miss D who left a message on Friday, and I didn't get the number right. Well, prayers are answered, and one of the calls was from her. After apologizing profusely she told me about her contact--a young man she and her sister met while in a New Orleans dress shop. Somehow they all got talking and one of the things he said was, "all I ever wanted to be was a dad." After explaining to them that his dad wasn't there when he was growing up, he asked them if that was a strange thing to ask. That's just a portion of what Miss D said. After she went back to Utah she became face book friends but didn't hear from him for about 2 months. She decided he wasn't interested in learning more about the Church. And then he contacted her and told her that he was touched by her concern for him and desire to share something with him that was so important to her. To make long story short, the missionaries have a new referral and will be contacting him.

Lunch with the Wall's today was delightful and enlightening. We had the opportunity to discuss some of our concerns and responsibilities and also those of the office elders. We just want to be sure that all of our ducks are in a row when President and Sister Hansen come in. Some of the things that have been happening recently have caused us to wonder what should be allowed and what shouldn't, and where our authority begins and ends. I know--that was so vague and leaves you wondering what I'm actually saying. I guess that's the way it'll be for now.

The Wall's are wonderful people! It's been such a pleasure to get to know and appreciate them. It's going to be difficult to say good-bye. And very transfer gets harder, because we're slowly getting to know more of the elders and sisters. This week's transfer is really small for the incomings (6) and go-homes (2), but the transfer itself will involve about 100 missionaries, which is 30-40 less than the last two.

And speaking of transfers--I'm laughing because it seems that more moms have called than missionaries. They're wanting to know if they can get the new addresses. Um, no. I actually have access to the transfer board (on the computer) but have no authority to tell anyone who's going where. Guess they'll have to wait till the next P Day and a missionary email.  I did tell one mom whose son arrives from the MTC tomorrow that I'd send an email with his new address. But that's the best I can do.

Now, since I forgot to bring my list home that includes things I wanted to write today I'll be signing off for now. Besides, we went commissary shopping after office hours ended, and now it's bedtime. Happy Day and good night!!

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