Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Friday, April 4, 2014

The Naked Mole Rat

Bright and early this morning Elder Asuao and Elder Griffin came in with their new "pet"--the naked mole rat.  He was in this battered box with a screen on one half and a hinged lid on the other.  Elder A said he was probably asleep so I looked closely to see if I could find him. Elder A slowly lifted the lid and I started to move back, but not soon enough.  Snap! Out he popped. This furry thing on the end of an arm attached to a mousetrap or something like that.  I must've jumped three feet, and Elder E just about died laughing.  I wasn't sure he was ever going to stop.  What a great joke. And I fell for it hook, line and sinker.  When Elder Fontenot came in the 4 elders tried to convince him to look inside but Elder F wasn't having any of it.  "You get that dirty thing out of here! Do you know how dirty and awful they are? Get him out!" He was hilarious with his truly Cajun vocals.  Elder E finally lifted the lid and we all had another good laugh.  I tried it once more when Elder McCutcheon and Elder McMurry brought us brownies.  Not very nice of me, but it worked like a charm--again!

The Assistants and Office Elders asked we 3 seniors if we'd like to go to Uncle E's for a hamburger lunch.  My response was, "Elder Lauper never met a hamburger he didn't like."  So off we went to Uncle E's.  Talk about a hole in the wall dive, but the burgers were great.  Let's just say, Marc and I aren't having dinner tonight!  That's Elder Watkins with a double burger, and I don't know what Elder Griffin ordered but they were huge! And Elder Griffin gave out a few fliers for the Gladys Knight fireside along with a Book of Mormon.

I had another good visit with Elder Griffin today.  The weather was pretty bad this morning--bad as in lightening and thunder.  I'm not sure, but it was probably the President who texted the missionaries and told them to stay close to home or maybe not go out if not necessary and especially not on bikes.  So Elder G was telling me about an experience he had when he was about 14.  Of course he thought it was great at the time.  His family lived near Logan back then, and they had a big porch.  He was outside on the porch when lightening struck and split a tree nearby, and it hit so hard that it knocked him off his feet.  His grandpa also experienced lightening one time when he was milking a cow.  It came down through one cow, up through the next one, then down through the third one, through her udders where grandpa was milking.  The first cow died and poor Grandpa never spoke again.  Now that's a very sad story.

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