Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sister Maxfield and Sister Park

Today was one of those fun, busy days--not to be confused with crazy, busy or overwhelmed, busy. And what makes it so fun?  Lots of missionaries, of course!!  I hadn't met these 2 sweet sisters before. This is sister Maxfield from Utah and Sister Park from eastern Arizona.  Sister M is an STL (Sister Training Leader), and her companion, Sister P, is a Temple Square sister who's really enjoying it here. She'll go back to Salt Lake in May, but for now she and Sister M are doing a wonderful job as missionaries.  They're serving in New Iberia, which is southwest from Baton Rouge.

Elder Helie and Elder Bennett stopped by to pick up light bulbs and a few odds and ends.  Elder C and Elder H came by to get the commissary order that they'd sent on Saturday and somehow I missed on Monday morning and Tuesday and today.  Oops!  But they were so sweet and very forgiving.  We grabbed and bagged most of the things on their list.  We did not, however, have a full length mirror for 2 of the sisters in their zone, nor do I intend to get one.  Sorry sweet girls.  I don't have one either.  

I should have prefaced this whole post by stating that this morning was a training day for the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders.  They gathered at the mission home for instruction and lunch, then will go back to their areas and train them.  That's why so many sisters and elders were in the office today.

Elder Watkins worked his magic on my computer, and now everything is pretty much as it should be. Hallelujah!  He may even have gotten under control.  I was so excited when I pulled it up this morning because it actually acted like it was going to cooperate.  And THEN it wanted our user name and password.  Really?  I don't have the user name and password!  Sister Olsen didn't leave them.  I'm not even sure she knew them.  The problem, again, was the change in computer. I put in one of our usual user names and every configuration of all our passwords to no avail.  Within a few minutes Elder W had figured everything out, and it worked like a charm for the rest of the day.  I'm not holding my breath.  The thing has a life of it's own!

Next problem--the referrals weren't printing.  I had 3 days worth, which was somewhere around 18, and again, Elder W to the rescue.  It had to do with allowing pop-ups and because it brings up a different screen, it was blocked--no matter how many times I crossed my fingers and hit print.  Imagine that.  Now let's see.  The definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over and getting the same result.  Draw your own conclusions.

Dilemma #3--cutting and pasting pictures to put on the 4x6 cards and summaries.  No can do.  The Church has gone from one browser to another, and the new one won't allow me to do my usual simple task.  No problemo for Elder W.  He taught me how to "save as," another step or two, and voila! Back in business.  But, while waiting for him to answer a related question, I did find a much more efficient way to make the summaries and it will save a lot of time.  Hooray! 

I know all of you computer geniuses, gurus and geeks are having a good laugh at my inability to solve all of these problems on my own.  And it doesn't even bother me.  

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