Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Reorganizing computer files

After getting over the disappointment of not getting ANY NEW MISSIONARIES today, I regrouped and formulated a plan for the day.  Usually Tuesday are filled partially with packets, summaries and cards, and we'd gone into the office really early to get started.  Onto Plan B!

In our meeting yesterday Pres Wall mentioned that he'd like to have each of the missionaries write a letter or note to the incoming president as a little introduction.  And it would be nice if it had their picture on it.  Elder Asuao jumped right on it and offered to get it organized before I had a chance to say anything.  Knowing the situation with the pictures and getting them off IMOS, I told Elder A that I'd start downloading them--all 208. That includes go homes and missionaries that aren't even here yet, but will be soon.  He and Elder Griffin and the office elders had their district meeting today, so by the time they returned I'd finished my job.  Then Elder A designed a nice page with the picture, lines and heading.  I'm telling you, these elders are so good at what they do, and they can do anything.  He brought in a sample with the first elder in the alphabet and asked what I thought.  I thought it was brilliant and told him so!

Once that was complete I needed to get a list of districts, missionaries, phone #'s and addresses in the Denham Springs Zone to the DS Stake President.  All of that information is kept in IMOS, and I had to figure out how to access it.  After pulling up a variety of reports, including next week's transfers (oops!) I found what I thought would work, figured out how to generate it and how to eliminate certain elements that weren't necessary--like missionaries' entering the MTC and release dates.  Got that sent off. Wahoo!  I felt like I was on a roll.

With some new challenges under my belt I thought I could use the rest of the afternoon to start getting packets ready for the incoming orientation but couldn't find any originals for several of the pages that needed to be copied.  Rather than making copies of copied copies I contacted different offices in SLC and they emailed what I needed, pronto! I couldn't believe how quickly they sent things out.  Talk about accommodating.  I did some cutting and pasting, made a new folder in Microsoft 2013 then proceeded to fill the file with pertinent information that was in other document locations.  Now they're all in one place and ready to go.  As a side note, one of the ladies I emailed in SLC was a Seegmiller.  I told her my grandma was a Seegmiller and did she have any family in St. George.  She has 2nd and 3rd cousins but is actually from Cedar City! I told her we'd moved there just before our mission, and that's when we came home.  Maybe I'll find out more about her tomorrow.

Since I was in "making new files" mode, I decided to organize the rest of the documents as much as possible.  At 5:30 I looked at the clock and left the rest of the arrangingccategorizing and consolidating till tomorrow.

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