Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Getting Ready for Gladys Knight

Tonight is the Gladys Knight and Saints Unified Voices presentation at the Baton Rouge Stake Center. If you've ever been involved with the organization and behind the scene at this activity, you'll know that a lot goes into the pre-preparation. That's what the 21 boxes are. They're filled with gift bags containing a copy of the Book of Mormon, "The Restoration" DVD and a CD of the SUV choir. It was recommended that we put together 400 gift bags (they furnished the bags and CDs) as they anticipate that there will be that many referrals resulting from the 2 programs and 2000 people who'll attend. It was a whirlwind in here this morning trying to get it all together. There were 8 elders and me--bagging, sealing and boxing said items. I hope the phone didn't ring. If it did no one heard or answered it.

Between boxing the bags and notification of 7 new missionaries that came this morning, the day's been pretty busy. We actually have 8 missionaries coming, but one is a senior couple so they only get 1 letter, etc. Brother Hastings actually called here about 2 weeks ago--probably when they received their call. We had a nice visit, so I was waiting for the email. They've already served one mission in the Philippines, and he said they were called to be specialists. Did I know what that meant? I didn't. Apparently I didn't hear the word "office" before the specialist, so when I saw the actual assignment I knew it could spell trouble.

Before all the elders descended to assemble the bags, President Wall called. He'd seen the incoming missionary names, including the senior couple, and wanted to ask about how we were enjoying the office assignment. I was very quick to tell him that we love it here and would really like to stay. He was so kind and complimentary of us and actually sounded very happy about us wanting to remain in the office. He said we're doing a "fabulous job." That felt great. Evidently Salt Lake still thinks we're MLS missionaries and that there's no office couple since the Olsens left, so President Wall is going to call and let them know that our assignment was changed and that it would be great to have another senior couple elsewhere in the mission, but not in the office. He thinks that Salt Lake will probably reassign the Hastings to a mission where an office couple is needed. Whew!

For the record:  If President Wall had wanted Marc and me to return to MLS status we would have done it. We'll go wherever we're needed, but we're SO grateful that the need it right here!

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