Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Saturday, April 19, 2014

My First Fish Fry!

Yesterday Brother Mills from the Baton Rouge 1st Ward invited us to the High Priest Social at the Maughan's home. When about 30 people were there they said they'd fire up and put on the meat. Well, of course, I thought that meant barbecue. What California Girl wouldn't? We started at one table and Sister Someone was putting what I thought was chicken fingers on a plate. I just thought it was a little extra protein they'd bought and were serving out of brown bags. Surprise! It WAS the protein. And it was really good. I'm sure it wasn't scooped out of the bayou because it was so fresh and didn't taste like mud. In fact, it didn't taste like anything except the breading and spices. Well, that was really fun:)

Here's Elder Steele. Remember him from Alexandria? He's Elder Watkins new companion, and we're going to love working with him. And he's quite a brilliant young man.  Welcome to the office, Elder S.

Elder Gillan is on the back left. He's Elder Navitakula's new companion. Elder N is on the back right. Next to him is the Bishop, as of 3 weeks ago--Bishop DeHoop. He was born in Aruba, lived in the Netherlands till he was 5, then his family moved to the United States.

The only sister at the table is Miss Iris. We're at her home. Her husband is the Ward Mission Leader and she's Methodist and hilarious. She's been into the office a few times and calls herself "the coupon lady," because about every month she brings in a stack of coupons for the missionaries to take. I need to get to know her better, because, just as we were starting a good conversation, they had the former and the new Bishops say a few words. All I know now is that the Maughan's have 8 children, 22 grandchildren, at they (Brother Roy & Miss Iris) leave the country at Christmas!

Fun evening, good food and nice people. Now if I could just remember all of their names.

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