Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Friday, April 18, 2014

Can it get any busier?

Fortunately the day ended better than it began! We arrived early again--7:15. You can get so much more accomplished without interruptions. No one would be there till Elder Fontenot arrived--usually around 9 am. First on the agenda was to get the organizational rosters assembled and out of my way. Click and no IMOS. NOOOO! Try again. Nothing. Reboot computer. Nope. 90% of today's agenda was IMOS-related. And no elders would be in today. Honestly! I'll be praying my way through this mission, and that's not just morning and night but at regular intervals during the day. Finally, about an hour later, it decided to cooperate. Whew! Another answered prayer.

So, below is the pre-assembled roster, all color-coded. Alexandria, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Denham Springs, New Orleans North, New Orleans South and Senior Missionaries.

Lots of challenges today and this week, but we worked our way through them. This has probably been the most difficult week we've had, but Marc & I agree that, now we've been through a complete transfer, it's a feather in our cap. We've been forced to figure things out and have learned that most of the time help is only an office elder or phone call to Salt Lake away. 

I did have to call about an IMOS problem, and had a new experience--putting the computer on remote and watching the cursor move by someone 1800 miles away. Pretty amazing world we live in. Lucky us!

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