Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

All's Quiet On The Southern Front"

After the busyness of yesterday it was SO quiet! The Assistants and Office Elders went to the New Orleans North Zone Conference and Elder F had things to do outside the office. The phones were even quiet which made it possible to get a mountain of work accomplished and even get a bit ahead.  I bagged and boxed all the commissary for the New Orleans South Zone Conference on Friday and now have 20 packets ready for new missionaries. That was huge, and it's so nice to know that prepping for incomings will be so much faster. Only the letter from the President will need to be typed and included before these packets go out. Hooray!

Because it was so undisturbed here today, except for a quick visit from some of our Baton Rouge Spanish elders on their way home from a service project,  I was able to spend some time searching referrals for the past year for the Chalmette sisters. They were looking for contacts that they could call or visit to increase their teaching pool.

Left to right are Elder Peltzer, (from CA), Elder Billings (UT), Elder Howald (TX) and Elder McMurry (UT)

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