Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Mission Miracle

Today's blog may be the fastest one yet.
President Wall had interviews at the Stake Center. Boo!
We still had a few elders come by the office. Yay!
I was so busy that I didn't take pictures. Boo!
Went out to dinner with the Fontenots. Yay!
Left the office at 3:15 and just returned home. It's 8:15 and scriptures aren't even read yet. Boo!
One of our missionaries shared a mission miracle that's the main content of this post. Yay!
It's shared by the ZL but written by one of the sisters.

"This is our finding miracle from the Lafayette Zone:
Okay, so this past week we attended the Gladys Knight Event.... and that was awesome! It totally inspired us to find more black people. 

"So, we were down in Morgan City visiting some members of the church and driving on the side of the road when we see these black people; so being friendly, we wave and smile. We visited a member and then went down a different street and saw the same people on the same street as us (2 times same day). So, we try to wave smile again (kinda awkward)... then we visit some Young Women in our branch and we see them AGAIN! (3rd time) Coincidence? We think NOT! so were like "we need to talk to them its a sign"...

Walking up to them was very intimidating, they joined a bigger group, so it was a big group of black people (ghetto) and we just walk up to them all smiling and say, "Hey! we figured since we've seen you a couple times today we thought we should come say hi!" and they just laughed and then we did too and we just kept talking and even discussed the importance of having a relationship with Christ, got the number of one black guy who seemed interested in developing his relationship with Christ and then we left.... 

"Later that week we ended up teaching him about Alma the Younger! He invited his friends to come read with us, and we taught them about the Book of Mormon. They felt they could relate to him from their experiences in the past. We knew they felt the spirit and they knew what we were testifying of made sense! They loved the Bible and (though hesitant at first) they were excited to read more in the Book of Mormon! 

"Now we're all really good friends they call us their sisters every time they introduce us to someone and tell everyone they're our body guards. 

"As a result of that, we visited another family in a different area and this big black guy sees us from a distance and acts as if he knows us and says that he saw us talking to a big group of people the other day and that he wanted to go to that church if they go, etc! He invited himself to church because he thought all his friends were going to go! Talk about a ripple effect! :)  

"We continue to pray everyday to find more people of color to share the gospel with and it's amazing how the Lord answers our prayers if we put ourselves in the position to find."

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