Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


It's two weeks before our regular transfers, but things were pretty shaken up around the mission today. We had our 3 Temple Square Sisters return to Temple Square this morning and picked up two new TS sisters this afternoon. They were in the office today waiting for Sister Miskho to arrive, or maybe Sister Miskho was in the office waiting for them to arrive. Whichever it was, it was like Grand Central Station. Love it! Sister Astle and Sister Bailey brought Sister Miskho in and we shed our tears. The more I get to know the missionaries, the harder it is to see them go to different areas.

Our new sisters are Sister Weidmann, from Switzerland, and Sister Trusciglio, from Italy. What darling sisters they are! They're friendly and very comfortable around people, just like Elder Olsen said. Temple Square sisters are so easily integrated into any surroundings. They've both been serving for 9 months.  Sister T spoke no English when she arrived at the MTC, but she speaks it beautifully now. Sister W's older sister served on Temple Square 10 years ago. Everyone told her that's where she'd be called, but she was sure she wouldn't. So when she opened her letter she just laughed! I wish we'd get a chance to spend more time with them, but neither will be serving in the Baton Rouge area.

Elder Cluff, shown with Elder Watkins, is with the office elders until transfers in 2 weeks. He tore his ACL and is being released early to have surgery. He'd normally go home in 4 months but told me that if you need surgery within 6 months of your release date, you're released ne'er to return--to the mission. He's actually going home to Nevada for a week, will be released by his Stake President, then return to this area for the surgery. He said he doesn't have any place to live so will be staying with a family he was close to in the Denham Springs Zone, where he served for 15 months.

Here are a few other changes. Elder Mecham became an Assistant and will be learning his responsibilities with Elder Asuao and Elder Griffin. Then Elder A goes back to American Samoa at the next transfer. That's going to be a very sad day. Because Elder Mecham moved to the office, he was replaced as a Zone Leader which triggered another move, and so on and so on. I won't elaborate on all the changes, but there were plenty! And the office was buzzing with missionaries most of the day. Also, the Internet was down for several hours, our printers weren't printing, was on strike and the N-Drive didn't work. But by the end of the day the office equipment was running like a well-oiled machine. Thank goodness!

One final note as a follow-up to yesterday's story about the Elder who entered to MTC today. Elder L was taking trash to the dumpster and found a bike in it. He retrieved it, took it to the local bike shop, and they're reconditioning it. Also, there are leftover bike helmets in the garage, so it looks like our elder will have what he needs. I love happy endings.

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