Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Monday, May 12, 2014

A Missionary with Challenges

How can I be busy all day and have nothing to write about? From the minute we walked in the door at 7:20 till after 5 it never slowed down. I started off with 6 phone messages and was sure they were from Entergy--the power company--because of yesterday's storm. They always call about power outages, and there are always several after heavy rain. Nope! Most of the calls required major attention.

One call came from an incoming missionary who enters the MTC this Wednesday and hadn't sent in any of the required papers that I sent out--twice--to 2 different addresses. And there were 2 different mailings. The first was the initial packet that includes a letter from the President, information requesting the parents' phone numbers and emails, a personal driving record declaration, parent info about where to purchase a bike, et al, a mission map, a page on the LABRM website, missionary handbook (the white bible) and a thick training packet--16 pages, both sides. The second letter also includes a letter from the President and a checklist of everything we have or haven't received.

This missionary has been living in one state then moved to another. I'm not going to go into detail about all the problems that have been encountered, but I will say that the parents are divorced, mom's remarried, tried to have child institutionalized, dad has PTSD, etc. etc. etc. Missionary has been serving as a temple worker in state where the mission call was received. So, what's wrong with this picture? Sadly, everything! I had a total of 5 or 6 calls today to missionary, mom or dad. Fortunately dad stepped up to the plate, saw that needed papers were completed, scanned and emailed them to the office (because it's less expensive than using the mail). Now my heart is breaking because said missionary doesn't have a bike and is required to bring one, or rather have one sent here. I don't know where it's coming from, but dad is sure that the Lord will answer their prayers, and everything will work out. Yes, it will. But "how" is the question.

Mom actually sent a somewhat scathing email to us, and among others points made, wondered why we don't do what they used to do when she served a mission, which is, buy a bike from a home bound missionary. President Wall said that's never even been a policy. That was the nice part of the letter. And now I've said enough. I hope this story will have a very happy ending, or happy beginning, depending how you look at it.

We had our usual office meeting which was much shorter than usual, then lunch with the Wall's, which was much longer than usual. I love these people so much and will be very sad to see them go home. I've learned a great deal from them and wish I could use "bump" to transfer their knowledge and experience into my head. President Wall is wise, patient, intuitive and relies heavily on the Spirit to manage this Mission. Sister Wall has the same qualities and they both have so much love for the missionaries and probably everyone else on the planet.

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