Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Thursday, May 29, 2014


We've been anticipating the arrival of the Jordan Family--Kimberlee, Jaie and Calli--but had no idea that they were bringing Paige with them. What a SHOCK and very fun surprise! Somehow they sneaked her into the office without my noticing. Elder L was unloading groceries at the apartment then walking over, so he wasn't there. When he came in his look was priceless. Wish I'd captured that one.

Anyway, the organizational and phone rosters were completed (my main goal for today), Stake Presidents' Baptismal Reports sent out and lots of other stuff accomplished, and now we'll be off to play with our family, which means that I should have several pictures and no time to write.

We're so happy to have family here, especially since we were used to seeing the Jordans every day. It'll be non-stop talk for the next 6 days.

My intention was to get a shot of Kimberlee running out to meet Elder F and give him a hug. I wasn't fast enough so this is what I have.

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