Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Saturday, May 31, 2014

"Way down yonder in New Orleans"

We managed to get some necessities taken care of at the office before heading out for New Orleans in another driving rain storm. We chose to take Hwy 12 and cross the Lake Pontchartrain causeway so the Jordans could say they'd been on the longest causeway in the world. Well, they can say it, but can't comment too much on what they saw except for a lot of water--over us, around us and under us!

We checked in at the Residence Inn then headed for the Metairie Cemetery--Finally! I've been wanting to see the Weeping Angel statue and now was our chance. The rain had eased enough that we could walk around without too much mud. We'd stopped at the office to find out where to find the statue then drove to the designated area. This is what we found, and I was quite sure it wasn't what had been described to me, but it was exactly where we'd been directed. Hm. So much for the amazing angel. It's still an incredible place to see with all the above-the-ground mausoleums. It's like a small city with all the streets named or numbered.

Then Paige checked herself into one with open gates and closed them as she walked in. I'm certainly glad they didn't lock. How would I explain that one to Danielle?

Next stop was dinner at Rocky and Carlo's. Marc and Elder F have been talking about it since they went to Chalmette several weeks ago. The sisters they were going to see had told them about it. It was actually on a "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives" episode. I'm willing to try most anything Guy Fieri recommends on that show. We've eaten at a few and they're all worth going back to.

Here's Jaie with his enormous T-bone steak. It filled one platter, and his green beans and potatoes filled another. Marc had veal cutlets. The rest of us enjoyed mac and cheese and salad in unnecessarily abundant amounts.

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