Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Friday, May 16, 2014

Another Fontenot Feast

The 4 Spanish missionaries came into the office so one of them could take the driving test, thus allowing him to drive. While he was pouring over questions I visited with the other 3. Elder Billings asked me if I've heard any of Elder Peltzer's pre-mission job related stories. I hadn't, so he shared this little tale.

Elder P has a relative who is a mortician. One day they were at a church activity when the mortician received a phone call to pick up a recently deceased older woman. Elder P was asked if he'd like to go along, and he accepted. It seems pretty odd to me that none of the woman's family was there--just the housekeeper. The family knew she's was close to leaving mortality and told the housekeeper to just let the mortuary in to pick up the body. Um, okay.

Upon arrival at the house, the 2 men went upstairs, put the woman's body on the gurney or whatever is used for transporting, and are moving the body down the staircase when she "moaned.!" Elder P said it was really freaky and certainly not something he'd anticipated. The housekeeper was startled and wondered if she was really dead. Response from mortician: "That's okay. If she isn't I have a hammer in the hearse."

Oh, dear! I hope the housekeeper had a sense of humor.

Here we are at the Fontenot's again! Lucky us--and with 10 missionaries. Sister Haskell and Sister Veneble could only stay for an hour, so they were taking dessert to go. We met Sister H at our first, and only, district meeting in Alexandria. She's since been transferred to the Denham Springs area. Sister Veneble is on a mini-mission. I'm not really sure what it's called, but her home is about 5 miles away. She testing the mission waters and decided it's a good thing so will be putting in her papers very soon from what I understand.

Elder Crane and Elder Myers are the Zone Leaders in Denham Springs. Elder M was just transferred in on Wednesday with the mid-transfer. He took Elder Mecham's place and Elder Mecham is now an Assistant. I don't really know either of these elders, but they seem like they have very gentle spirits. I'm sure they're every bit as wonderful as all the others. It'll just take me a little time to know them better. I'd better hurry. I think Elder C goes home in August.

Elder Watkins and Elder Steele are becoming regular faces on my blog. And that's okay with me. They're hard working young men and quite brilliant. I'm NOT looking forward to the day that either one of them gets transferred.

I know that the group picture isn't the best. It was getting dark, but I really wanted a shot of all the elders. They were all just hanging out on the beautiful green grass on an incredibly perfect night, looking like they were enjoying life in general. Please note the Griffin twins--one on each end. Yes it is Elder Griffin and Elder Griffin--the same one. From left to right are Elder G, Elder Steele, Elder Cluff, Elder Watkins, Elder Crane, Elder Myers, Elder Asuao, Elder Mecham and Elder G! How can y ou not love missionaries? They're the best!

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