Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Saturday, May 10, 2014

LABRM Driving Rules

We have 3 driving rules here in the Louisiana Baton Rouge Mission (hereafter to be referred to as LABRM).

Rule #1 - If you are backing up, your companion must always be outside to make sure you don't hit anything. And, as long as your companion is helping you back up, it's a very good idea to pay attention to what said companion is telling you to do or not to do. That's why he or she is there! Then you should be able to avoid hitting other cars, poles, or removing your rear view mirror unnecessarily.

Rule #2 - Don't pull off the road and into Louisiana mud (which is quite similar to glue), no matter how urgent it is for you to stop. This could result in still needing to be towed even after a nice semi-truck drive with excessive power has assisted you and caused your trailer to jack-knife, thus damaging the front diamond plates, or it could also cause unexpected removal of your bumper.

Rule #3 - Don't drive through standing water, especially during or after rainstorms. Period! If you do you could be subject to a wall of water being forced over and underneath your minivan by a large truck, drowning your engine and causing somewhere in the neighborhood of $8000 in damages to the engine.

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