Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Monday, May 26, 2014

He's off to Zimbabwe

Do you know what happens in the LABRM office when the rest of the world is having a holiday? Absolutely nothing! It was really quite nice for the phones to be almost dead silent--just a few calls from missionaries--but other than that there was a lot of time to prepare for transfers. The last 2 zones sent in their commissary order, our June Ensigns and Liahonas came in on Friday, and there are packages and mail to send to the zones.

We didn't have an office meeting, but President Wall came in to work with Elder L on things for Pres. Hansen. Also, Elder Stewart, left, brought Elder Smith into the office so the President could take him to the airport. Elder S has been waiting for his visa to arrive from Zimbabwe, and it finally came. Well, actually, it didn't, because it doesn't work that way. He picks it up in the Harare airport upon arrival in Zimbabwe after a 5 leg trip and almost 2 days of travel. Fortunately he'll meet up with 5 other elders who've been waiting in various missions for their visas. That should make the trip a bit more exciting.

Elder L and  I went to lunch with the Walls and Elder Smith before Pres. Wall took him to the airport. I have to say that Pres. Wall was very chipper and very funny. I should have written down some of the things he said. We did mention that we wouldn't be here to go to lunch next week and he said, "That's okay. I couldn't come anyway because I'm having surgery." Well, that's news to me, so I say, "Really?" His response: "Yes, I'm having my back removed. That way I'll always be up front!" Oh my gosh! And it just went on after that, but I was so busy laughing and now can't remember the rest, but, trust me, it was very funny!

Please notice President Wall's funny facial expression. He's just being his humorous self.

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