Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Baton Rouge Louisiana Temple

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Well, I forgot that it's MLC today which means that the Assistants, Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders are meeting at the mission home with President Wall. They have training today then ZTM (zone training meeting) in their own zones on Friday. So I spent 3/4 of the day taking care of the building changes and arguing unsuccessfully with the referral system which needs a serious makeover! 

I thought that most of my communication could be done by email, but not so. Darn! I had to use the old fashioned method--the telephone. I'm still waiting for some call backs. The worst event was opening the referral page and seeing 35 new referrals! Referrals are great, but when they're sent to our mission by mistake it's almost impossible to send them on to the correct location. I had 3 today that refused to be sent no matter what I did. When I finally reached a read person in Utah she couldn't tell me what I needed to do but at least she took the information and resent it to the correct mission.

When referrals come in they sometimes include comments, so I've recorded a few (These are exactly the way they came in):

I really need understanding and wanna get closer to the lord

I Need bible

Came to the Temple Visitors Center in Hawaii. They were so sweet! Celebrating anniversary. want to learn more about the temple and teachings of the Church.

Please send me one thank u

God is my father. Jesus is my best friend

a free king james bible with large print.

wanting to know more of our lord & what he expects out of his kids'

Just wanted to make sure my step dad had a bible in prison thank you in advance.

Works at Bumper to Bumper his mother says he spoke with missionaries. she thinks a visit would be good.

No Comment I take the 5TH

No se a que capilla asistir y tengo referencias para los misiomeros me pueden ayudar???

Thanking you in advance. My current bible is tattered n well-worn. 

Looking for meaning in life. Referred by a friend. Told her "All I ever wanted was to be a dad."

He wants know more about church, he speak spanish and he wanna read the book of mormon in spanish. 

housewife and minister to other about God

i thank u for a free copy of the bible i am giving my self to the lord jesus christ our savior as well as my husband and feels so good to have him in my life. so thank u.

If you have a LARGE PRINT I would like a copy. I have several copies but they are in small print. Thank you n may God bless

This young man needs to see the light of Jesus Christ. I am deeply concerned for his spiritual well-being, and I am convinced that he can be saved.

Please call and make an appt to visit. She wants to talk about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Sarah is elderly and blind

I'd like to chat about the church. I went to stake conference and a service here. I want to know if this is the place for me.

I'm a Christian looking to better understand your faith.

Thank you god bless.

hi my name is J.M.  and i did not get my Holy bible king james version can you sand me the holy bible

Delivery person for Blue Bunny ice  cream. Met sister missionaries. They gave him a Book of Mormon. Nice and friendly - agreed to visit.

Wants to gain peace and a better relationship with God. Interested in reading the Book of Mormon. Anytime is alright to come by. 

I need and will apreciat this bible and will ,love to read about the lord

I've sinned a lot and I'm interested in the Mormon faith. Can you help me?

Please call or email before making the trip to my house so we can schedule to meet on an agreeable day. 

Please come save my friend. I am really concerned for his well being. I think a good relationship with god may help him. Thanks!

I am seeking to be saved from myself, i need the help of the lord.

I don't need Jesus. He needs me.

Silly me. I didn't even think that we'd have visitors today, but several of the Zone Leaders came by the office before heading home. Here they are!
Elder Bennett and Elder Crane--Lafayette ZLs

Elder Mecham sending a Mother's Day Card            Another Elder Crane and Elder Mecham                                                                                                                   
Elders Griffin, Carter, Hansen and McCutcheon. Except for Elder G, ZLs in New Orleans      

                                                                                              Just as we were leaving Sister Thornley and Sister Worthington came by to say hi on their way back to Hammond. It was so good to see Sister T again. We really miss her in Plaquemine! Sister W is very beautiful, but I snapped the pic just as she was answering a question. Not very nice of me. I'll get a better on next time.

Turned out to be such a great day! Lots done before all the visits. Who wants to work when there are missionaries to see?

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